The Office Plant

op.jpgAs I am writing this I am in the process of growing my first office plant. I anticipate it to be both an adventure and challenge.

I have found a ledge just beneath my office window as a perfect location. I have purchased a decorated green clay pot for my new plant.

My co-worker has kindly brought in potting soil and a vine stem for me to transplant to my clay pot. The dirt is poured and vine stem placed deeply near the bottom of the pot.

What now I ask myself. Wait? Surely there must be some tricks and secrets to this plant growing business. Would staring at my plant every two seconds make it grow faster? Should I talk to my plant so that it knows it is loved? I stay determined and try the above strategies along with a measure of prayer.

I have a new-found excitement as I water and care for my new plant. I reflect on the reason I wanted to grow an office plant. I find that the answer is as simple as plants themselves. Plants are here to remind us of beauty and life.

Do you have a story to share? We would love to hear about your experience with plants and why you keep them. Tell us in the comments!

By David Dziegielewski, Operations Assistant 

4 thoughts on “The Office Plant

  1. Caring for a plant isn’t as easy as I thought, but I’ve been getting better at it! I have a few in my office and I feel connected to them, like they’re my little leafy buddies! Plants give off good vibes, and I feel good in their presence. -Becky Aten

  2. I find that if I give my plants a little bit of coffee (cold) every now and ten it helps them grow and makes them more vibrant. I have many plants at home and a two in my cubicle.

    1. That’s really cool. I never heard of that before. I’ll have to give that a try. I recently started a home garden and I’m loving the journey, learning new things and the sense of accomplishment I get seeing them grow! Thank you Michelle!

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