Rob Bergeson- Youth Care Coordination Team Advocate

Please put away the smart phone and light up the grill; a recipe for co-worker camaraderie and conversation can be a perennial event throughout the year.

Here at APC our grill has become an ingredient for our health, fundraisers, celebrations, and the overall need to gather. People open their outside doors and windows to let the smell of charcoal permeate throughout the office atmosphere.  For real that actually happens, and they ask what is being grilled and when will it be done.

Bratwurst, hot dogs, chicken, tenderloin, or whatever the request is, our agency tries to keep within foundation of grilling experiences of all.  Folding chairs, easily folded tables, and dishes to pass are the steps of team assembly and accomplishment to support a pleasant outdoor office experience.

Too much frequency can spoil the experience and too little can sometimes be too late.  I like to offer up the experience whenever asked as that implies interest and need.  Create a team for each event and involve members from within and outside the agency to assist with the planning.

We are on our second charcoal grill here at APC– I lost all the flavor of the prior, however I have recycled the original and use it strictly for ribs.  The grill is loyal, dependable, and patiently awaits to fulfill purpose and pleasure.  I am now hungry for a flavor of smoke and outdoors.

Feel free to share stories, experiences, laughter, and above all great food at the Agency Grill.

-Rob Bergeson, Youth Care Coordination Team Advocate

What is your favorite food event so far at APC? What kind of fun food events would you like to see in the future? Please share in the comments!


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  1. I love the cook-outs! Thanks to Rob for always doing the heavy lifting of doing all of the grilling! We have had a lot of different, creative food events here at APC and I have liked most of them! I think my favorite was the Wok for the Walk where we had stir fry vegetables, chicken and rice! We’re so lucky!

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