Interview with Abby Matthews

Q: What is the name of your Department? What is the mission and vision of your Department?

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Abby Matthews- CCS Administrator, Outpatient Therapist, Wellness Captain

I oversee the Comprehensive Community Services department at APC.  We recently identified the following mission:

‘Providing a respectful and supported experience for members while collaborating with others to assist in reaching the overall vision members have for their lives.  This process occurs within a welcoming and supportive environment that fosters growth through person centered approaches and appreciation of self-determination.’

Each team within CCS is in the process of defining their vision under the mission, in essence- defining what their team contributes to the overall mission.

Q: How do you feel your Department best serves our community?

CCS best serves the community because it all about choice and options.  A member of the program chooses what the goals of their recovery plan will be, who will be on their recovery team, which supports or services are needed to overcome obstacles, who is going to provide these supports/services, and for the most part dictate where services will be provided. These choices empower the members to participate in the recovery process and we’ve seen many people within the program find stability and a new direction after drawing out their own roadmap for recovery.

Q: What do you feel motivates your employees to be successful on a Daily basis?

I believe that the staff within all four teams of CCS are change agents.  They value their role in assisting others through the stages of change.  I also believe that we have a positive and supportive work environment (unless you’re a Bears fan…). We’ve developed a Staff Culture Pledge that promotes the aspects of a positive work environment that the staff created.  Check out the pledge below!

CCS Staff Culture Pledge

We, the staff of Comprehensive Community Services (CCS), agree that we are all equal and we will work in a way that creates an atmosphere that is:

Open minded and self-aware


Assuming the best in people and realizing that everyone makes mistakes

Flexible and respecting the time of others

Patient with each other

Guidance orientated and supportive

Relaxed (a light-hearted environment)

Self-care driven

Effective in communication and regularly practices shared decision making.

Self-reflection questions:

  1. What behaviors do I regularly demonstrate as a colleague?
  1. What behaviors might I enhance to be the colleague I want to become?
  1. What steps can I take to maintain my strengths and grow in areas I identified in question 2?
  1. Who of my colleagues can I talk to about these commitments I have made?

**If you feel as if this pledge has not been followed, openly communicate with the staff member in a timely manner, be calm, listen, problem solve together, forgive, and move on.  Reach out for support as needed during this process.

Q: What about your Department makes you the most proud?

It has been a wonderful experience to see how much CCS has grown over the years. I began in April 2015 when there were only 3 Care Coordinators, 1 Peer Support, and an Administrator. Despite the program’s growth, the one thing that always remained the same was the staff’s dedication to the program and the belief in its success and the collaboration with one another. It has been an honor to serve within CCS and to work along side so many awesome people that continue to inspire me daily.

Q: What inspires you about APC?

I have never worked in an organization like APC; which is a sad thing if you think about it. The way employees’ opinions and experiences are valued is unprecedented.  When you have leadership that can be candid and open, it fosters an immense level of trust and safety which then allows you as an employee to grow into the best person you can be (not just in your work role but overall really discover who you are, what your purpose is, and how to collaborate with others that are pursuing the same venture). The MC3 values are huge and not just preached but practiced, which is inspiring to me as well. I just love it here and I’m so thankful that I jumped off the train wreck I was on to make the change!! I never regretted that decision 😊

-Abby Matthews

CCS Administrator, Outpatient Therapist, Wellness Captain

What motivates you to be successful in your role at APC? Feel free to comment below!

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