Available training opportunities related to mandatory training requirements are shown on the calendar below. For self-directed training, such as our annual HIPAA and Mandated Reporter training, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

TCM staff only: To view your completed trainings, please follow this link: 


HIPAA and Mandated Reporter Training

HIPAA and Mandated Reporter Trainings are required annually for every employee. The 2017 HIPAA Training is now available; please read the policies and complete the quiz. Your quiz must be submitted to your supervisor for proof of completion. The 2017 Mandated Reporter training is an online training, and the site will provide you with certificate … Continue reading HIPAA and Mandated Reporter Training

ADA and Civil Rights Training

Successful completion of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Training requires that employees watch the videos below and also review the following supplemental Power Point training materials: Basics of ADA  Basics of Civil Rights When you have finished reviewing the Power Points and watching the videos, please print and submit the ADA and … Continue reading ADA and Civil Rights Training

Safety Training

APC’s Safety Training is required for all employees, and available via Power Point for viewing at your convenience. To receive credit for completing the training,  please submit your completed quiz to your supervisor. APC Safety Training Quiz 2018 2018 APC Safety Training