Care Coordination for Youth

APC has two different Care Coordination programs that are contracted to provide services for Wraparound Milwaukee. One program is provided through the juvenile court system and the second program is a voluntary version called the REACH program. The philosophy incorporates the use of the four “H’s”; Hello, Hope, Help and Healing. To help the families … Continue reading Care Coordination for Youth

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

The Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program is a community based service available to qualifying individuals who have or are eligible for Medical Assistance (T19) and have a mental illness and/or substance use diagnosis. The program provides or arranges for medical and supportive activities to facilitate your recovery. APC works with Milwaukee County to provide members … Continue reading Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Counseling Services

Click Here to Meet Our Clinicians! Our clinicians provide a wide range of innovative approaches to therapy in order to assist individuals in meeting their unique goals. We put people’s hopes and dreams at the center of their care and focus on individual strengths to encourage change based on one’s level of readiness to change. … Continue reading Counseling Services

Family Support Services

APC’s Family Support Services (FSS) program provides numerous empowering services to children and families in Milwaukee County.  Keeping families together and safe is our goal and is at the heart of what we do.  Crisis services are designed to keep children in their homes while ensuring the safety of the children, their family, and the … Continue reading Family Support Services

Psychiatric Nursing

The APC psychiatric nurse program, located at the Milwaukee County Vel R. Philips Juvenile Justice Center, provides detained youth with screening and other mental health services. Safety of youth within this setting is our primary goal. The registered nurses are experienced behavioral health professionals with a specialization in the care of children and adolescents.  This team … Continue reading Psychiatric Nursing

Targeted Case Management

The APC Targeted Case Management (TCM) program provides both direct and indirect services to nearly 270 adults in Milwaukee County who are recovering from mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. All TCM staff use a culturally intelligent, welcoming, person centered approach in developing a strong rapport with the individuals they serve. Case Managers work collaboratively … Continue reading Targeted Case Management