Care Coordination for Youth

APC has two different Care Coordination programs that are contracted to provide services for Wraparound Milwaukee. One program is provided through the juvenile court system and the second program is a voluntary version called the REACH program. The philosophy incorporates the use of the four “H’s”; Hello, Hope, Help and Healing. To help the families reach their goals, Care Coordinators assist the family in creating a team of community-based providers (the Child and Family Team) that work with the family from enrollment through graduation. The team can consist of family members, friends, teachers, coaches, and church members as well as paid providers such as therapists, psychiatrists, mentors, tutors and crisis stabilization workers. Using a community approach, the teams remain strength based and are encouraged to celebrate success.

To qualify for this program youth must be between the ages of 5-18 years and must have a mental health diagnosis which may be affecting them in more than one of their environments.

Any family who resides in Milwaukee County can request an intake screening appointment through contacting the Wraparound REACH Screener at 414-257-7607.

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