Service Descriptions

Parent Assistance

The Parent Assistance program is intended to help parents learn and improve skills that provide a stable, safe and nurturing environment for their family. We assist parents in identifying their natural strengths and help them develop and implement specific strategies to increase positive parenting and household management skills.

We also provide direct assistance with securing basic resources such as food, clothing, medicine, transportation, etc., and assistance with home health and personal cares services such as bathing, dressing, budgeting and organization.

Home Management Services

The Home Management Program is a one-on-one service intended to assist clients in developing skills necessary to manage a home. Alternative’s Home Management staff assist clients in learning and understanding how to identify problems (i.e. unsanitary , unsafe conditions etc.), solve problems (i.e. cleaning schedule, securing working appliances, etc.), budget creation/money management, health conscious price comparison shopping, meal preparation to meet nutritional needs, maintain a clean and sanitary home, and utilize community resources (W2, food stamps, T-19, other insurance options, GED programs ) necessary to maintain a home.

Housing Assistance

The Housing Assistance Program is a one-on-one service where program staff work directly with the client to build skills in the following areas: obtaining suitable housing, assisting in relocation planning, and engaging in appropriate landlord/tenant interactions. The goal is to secure safe and affordable housing that the client can maintain over time.

Mentoring & Academic Support

APC provides mentoring and in-home tutoring to youth who are associated with the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, Wraparound Milwaukee, FISS, and the juvenile justice system. Mentors provide youth with the opportunity to experience positive interactions one on one with an adult role model and our tutors also work one on one to assist youth with their academic needs and to reduce truancy.

Crisis Stabilization

Through this program, we provide one on one crisis stabilization to prevent or deescalate crisis situations. All staff are certified in crisis intervention by the Mobile Urgent Treatment Team, and are trained to recognize potential crises, practice active listening, provide verbal de-escalation, and help clients to manage their emotions.

Daily Living & Life Skills Training

APC also offers daily living skills and social skills training for youth. Daily living skills coaches are utilized as companions to assist isolated youth in accessing community resources related to the skills necessary to transition into adulthood. The social skills trainers facilitate positive activities that encourage appropriate social interactions with other adults and peers in all arenas of a youths’ life, including community, home, school, church, and recreation.

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