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I am writing this blog to share my experiences and perspective on being a volunteer. I believe a volunteer to be someone who gives of themselves to help others in need. I am hopeful that in sharing my experiences that you may be inspired to become a volunteer.

I believe my most rewarding and recent volunteer effort to be that of volunteering at a hospital. I volunteered in wheelchair transport. The duty itself included greeting patients at their rooms and wheeling them to the hospital exits upon their discharge from the hospital.

There were moments of compassion and humor as I wheeled and whirled patients throughout the hospital. I recall wheeling a patient down a ramp and then having the wheelchair kind of get away from me. With extreme fear and adrenaline, I was able to catch up to the chair in seconds to avoid any mishap. I guess you will have to take me at my word that was the first and last time that ever happened.

There were also moments of kindness and compassion. Once I wheeled an elderly woman to the exit upon her discharge. I recall that she had never smiled or said a word to me as I greeted her in her hospital room. I tried idle chit chat and expressed my hope that she would feel better soon as I wheeled her to the exit. She never said a word. However, once we got to the exit she asked me to wheel her outside to wait for her taxi. I could see her smile as she looked up at a bright blue sky on sunny spring day. She grabbed my arm to lift herself out of the chair as the taxi arrived. She then turned around and smiled and gave me a hug. I smiled and wished her well as she drove off. I never did know her illness as that was private and reason enough for my respect. What I do know is she was and is a woman of dignity and she took that with her when she left.

I believe volunteering to be the greatest gift of all. Volunteering is an act of kindness and charity. It is my philosophy that someone in need of help is reason enough to help. I would like to challenge you to be a volunteer. The Internet is an excellent way to search for volunteer opportunities that interest you. You may wish to give some time at a food pantry or homeless shelter. You may wish to be a companion and volunteer with the elderly. You may wish to work an event that allows those with disabilities to have fun. Volunteers can and do make a difference in our daily lives. I encourage you to be that someone. I feel that together we can all choose to make the world a better place for everyone.

-By David Dziegielewski, Operations Assistant

Do you Volunteer? If so, where? What is your favorite thing about volunteering? Please leave your replies in our comment section.


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  1. Helping others is the greatest gift; even more than a gift to those you help, it is a gift to yourself…good for body, mind and spirit!
    thanks David!

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