Interview with Jecoliah Ruddock and Rorey Kroening, Wraparound Care Coordination Supervisors

Q: What is the name of your Department? What is the mission and vision of your Department?

We are Wraparound Care Coordination department. Our mission is to help youth and families make positive changes for a better life. We are committed to helping youth and families stay together by linking them to natural supports and community resources for sustainability.

Q: How do you feel your Department best serves our community?

We best serve our community by helping our families connect with natural supports, whether a pastor, coach, or someone else in their community. We connect them with different resources that are of benefit, focusing on community-based programs that are sustainable in the long-term.

Q: What do you feel motivates your employees to be successful on a daily basis?

Money– Haha, just kidding! Incentives do help, but everybody found their way into this field because they naturally want to help, and want to make a career out of helping others achieve their full potential. Our Care Coordinators are very passionate and enjoy engaging with youth and the families they serve; they take pride in seeing positive changes!

Q: What about your Department makes you the most proud?

We love the diversity of our team, and the fact that everyone gets along. Everyone is very accepting and welcoming of one another. The impact that they have on the families they work with is amazing, they show so much empathy toward the families they serve as well as one another. They always try to help each other out as they’re also helping their families.

Q: What inspires you about APC?

The culture here- everybody is very accepting and you never feel out of place. We embrace one another’s differences and accept each other for who we are. APC is so health and wellness-oriented; it makes you take a look at your own self-care and encourages you to incorporate self-care into your own life. After hearing about self-care so often at work, it’s hard not to start doing it yourself!

By Becky Aten

What motivates and/or inspires you about APC? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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  1. The culture of change and innovation inspires me at APC; not only in the direct care and agency operations but across the community at large.

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