Interview with Krista McNeil

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Krista McNeil, REACH Care Coordination Supervisor

Q: What is the name of your Department? What is the mission and vision of your Department?

The REACH department’s mission is to assist children and families in meeting their mental health needs in a strength based, family centered way. We believe that a strong community based plan helps keep families together.

Q: How do you feel your Department best serves our community?

We do our best to maintain connections the family already has within their own community as well as bring new connections in to provide sustainable and positive opportunities for children and families to receive support and comfort when needed. We also assist in helping children and families find ways to meet their needs in a safe way to encourage them to stay positive and hopeful for a bright future.

Q: What do you feel motivates your employees to be successful on a Daily basis

REACH Care Coordinators have the opportunity to see their children and families grow and meet their goals within a short time period; such as graduating high school, successfully completing programming for Delinquency services and seeing positive change within their family. These things keep us going and encourage us to continue working hard for the families we serve.

Q: What about your Department makes you the most proud?

I am personally so proud of the dedicated, motivated and inspirational leaders I have on my team. Their willingness to never give up; sticking to the values and philosophy of the program we are a part of and their ability to adapt to different situations allows them to meet the needs of their families and create lifelong relationships with the people we work with.

Q: What inspires you about APC?

APC offers opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to work in a supportive and encouraging environment which has allowed me to feel like part of a family for the past nine years. The encouraging and motivating atmosphere keeps me working hard to meet the needs of the families we serve.

What motivates and/or inspires you at APC? We want to know! Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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