Qi Gong in the Park

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sun.png As the monarch butterflies dance amongst the blades of bright green grass and the Blue Jay bird whisps through the treetops, the scenery has been set for the perfect Qi Gong practice. I say practice because the only one of us present who is an expert at Qi Gong was our instructor Pam Fleider. I think most of the participants came to this session not really knowing what to expect. Not knowing we were going to be swans flying over the earth, soaking up the Earth’s beauty to use for our own energy and benefit. Sounds a little unbelievable, I know. But, the biggest thing about Qi Gong for me was the process of being able to open my mind to the possibilities. The possibility that my human self can transform into a conduit for energy to flow. That I can actually utilize the earth, sun, and sky to recharge myself; just as other species do.

qi gong butterflies

sun.png For example, when a lizard basks in the sun. The lizard isn’t making himself vulnerable to predators just to get an awesome suntan. The lizard is basking because it needs the vitamins and nutrients the sun gives. The lizard intentionally gets intense exposure to the sun for at least a certain amount each day solely to survive. Maybe humans are connected in similar ways; needing the earth and the sky to infuse us with energy and natural nutrients.  Everything I need to relax and work on the best me is all around me, always; I just have to practice on how to access it. Through certain movements and techniques, I am able to open up channels of my being to give and receive different types of energy. The giving part is just as important as the taking part. There is something huge to learn in the practice of what you take from the Earth, you must give back to maintain balance. Even if it is something you can only feel and not see, like energy frequencies. If you only received from the Earth what you gave it, what would you get?

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sun.png When my bare feet intentionally press into the damp earth, I am able to feel an organic, electrifying yet calming connection unlike anything else I have experienced before. I begin to appreciate even the littlest creatures in nature’s eco-system; like ants or the cicada bugs. The cicada bugs buzzing begin to sound melodic, as if they were singing a sweet song. Even the way the trees sway becomes admirable. Gazing at the lagoon in front of me becomes hypnotic.

sun.png Learning the techniques of Qi Gong can seem complex. There are so many spiritual and physical benefits to doing Qi Gong. Since I am not familiar with them all, I figured I would share my experience on how it made me feel. I find the feeling of something is paramount to the actions of actually doing it perfectly. In the beginning, I hobbled along always a few steps behind the instructor. By my 3rd practice, I was feeling like an energy transmitting guru! Holding spheres of energy between my palms, blasting the power balls wherever I needed it most; reaping the blessings of my work.  I am not a master by any means. Which is why I wanted to focus on how Qi Gong made me feel. If you got a sense of how Qi Gong might make you feel and are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to dive right in and begin a Qi Gong practice. There is much information scattered across the internet and in books you can independently research. Although, I would suggest speaking to Pam Fleider here at APC to get a human feel for Qi Gong. She’s a busy lady but, through my experience, she has always made time for a little Qi Gong.

– By Mary Moftah, Assistant Provider Relations Coordinator

qi gong butterflies

What was the last thing you did outside of your comfort zone? Please share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Qi Gong in the Park

  1. My most recent adventure of stepping out side of my comfort zone was returning to horse back riding- after 23 years of not riding! It was a bit bumpy at first but has given me so much joy as I re-experience the joy it brings 🙂

  2. Mary, I love this article. Had I not been lucky enough to be there in person, I would still have a very good idea of what this experience was like!

    1. It is so hard to capture the blissful feelings of Qi Gong in writing so I am glad to know the experience is coming through!

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