Favorite Childhood Memory


I am writing this blog to share my favorite childhood memory in hopes that you will have one of your own to reflect upon. A memory can be as real as it was yesterday or as present as it was fifty years ago.

My favorite childhood memory is fishing with my Father. My Father and I would choose different lakes in the area for our Saturday morning fishing adventures. I enjoyed sitting at the very front of our fishing boat as my Father would run the outboard motor at the back. When he ran the motor at full throttle I could feel the boat bounce on top of the waves. The smell of fresh lake water would carry in the breeze as we sped around the lake. I most enjoyed the lake when it was calm as it looked like a sheet of smooth glass stretched out before me. The plunking sound of a fishing bobber would fill the air as I cast my line in the water. My eyes would widen when my bobber would quickly disappear from the surface from the pull of a fish. I would snag and jerk my line in hopes of reeling in a huge fish. My father taught me how to carefully remove the hook from the mouth of a fish before I would set it free.

I always smile when I remember fishing with my Father. Many years have now since passed since those Saturday morning fishing trips. Time has taught me that the bond between Father and Son is what made those memories special to me. Now when I close my eyes I can remember those days since passed with joy and with a remembrance of the love I have for my Father.

I truly hope you have a favorite childhood memory to reflect upon. I hope it is a memory filled with joy, excitement, and discovery. Please feel free to share your favorite childhood memory in our comments section.

-By David Dziegielewski, Operations Assistant

4 thoughts on “Favorite Childhood Memory

  1. Reading this warmed me up this morning! Thank you for sharing, David. You’ve got me thinking about precious memories of times when I made connections with my own parents- building a tree house, learning how to fish, playing with homemade play-dough, discovering milkweed pods and finding salamanders under logs. Happy memories! -Becky

  2. Wow. Reading this made me think I was right with you and your dad and I felt all warm and fuzzy. I used to fish with my dad too. How awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. David, you make me want to learn how to fish now! One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the country with my grandmother and riding horses. I miss those does so much!

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