Interview with Krista McNeil

Q: What is the name of your Department? What is the mission and vision of your Department? The REACH department’s mission is to assist children and families in meeting their mental health needs in a strength based, family centered way. We believe that a strong community based plan helps keep families together. Q: How doContinue reading “Interview with Krista McNeil”

“The Art of Healing” by Melissa Meier

I have always been a perfectionist. I have always strived to be the best I could be and then some. In searching for perfection, I found, it often leads us to disappointment, depression, and anxiety. I have actually struggled with anxiety and depression for the majority of my life. The ups and downs of lifeContinue reading ““The Art of Healing” by Melissa Meier”


Rob Bergeson- Youth Care Coordination Team Advocate Please put away the smart phone and light up the grill; a recipe for co-worker camaraderie and conversation can be a perennial event throughout the year. Here at APC our grill has become an ingredient for our health, fundraisers, celebrations, and the overall need to gather. People openContinue reading “Charcoal”

Interview with Chris Stelzer

Chris Stelzer, Director of Family Support Services Q: What is the name of your Department? Family Support Services Department – We provide welcoming, person-centered, recovery oriented, trauma informed services to children and families in Milwaukee County. We employ a staff of full and part-time Providers who do the services of Crisis Stabilization, Individual & FamilyContinue reading “Interview with Chris Stelzer”

“Oh, The Places I’ll Go”: Local Activity Ideas for Youth and Families

How many times have you struggled to find things to do with your clients or your family?  With having 4 children of my own I tend to look for inexpensive or free things to do with my family.  I have found many different places to look and find things to get us out of theContinue reading ““Oh, The Places I’ll Go”: Local Activity Ideas for Youth and Families”

Our first blog post!

Who would have ever thought that APC would have a blog committee? Well, don’t think too hard about it because here we are! What better way to reach audiences than a fun employee-run blog that will supply more information, resources, and ideas, with a variety of interesting opinions on relevant topics as well as manyContinue reading “Our first blog post!”

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